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Rick And Morty

Let me start by saying that I’m very picky and skeptical about all TV shows. Judging from the promos I suspected that it was going to be just another lazily animated show with some cheap comedy and cheap standards. I had never been so wrong. It might seem that is a silly knock off to the “Back to the Future” franchise, but it has perks of its own. The hilarious and bizarre adventure of an alcoholic scientist and his awkward grandson. The writing was fantastic and the animation was well crafted. Behind all the jokes, each episode surprisingly has a strong message and whether you can relate to it or not, you won’t really feel like the end of each episode was a bummer. The second the show starts you can tell that the characters fit perfectly with each other, and involved with the craziness that happens in the universe with Rick and Morty, they are immediately hilarious and extremely creative at the same time. In this show, things that will make you laugh are dark and awkward at times which succeed every time. The absolutely genius writing and clever character personalities is basically what makes this show one of a kind. If you’re a fan of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” and haven’t found a show to remotely match its standards, look no further there is this new kid on the block with huge potential. We will see how long this can be maintained. The writers show a gift for twisting & adding-to old plots into new shows. Hopefully that’s a stable arrangement.

Rick and Morty is a totally enjoyable show. I have been following this show ever since it aired on Adult Swim and never have had a dull moment. I would personally recommend this show to everyone out there. I hope that eventually this show will grow amongst a more colossal audience and it’s influence will shine in the work of other animators and comedians. This is truly something special!

Zubair Ahmed

Published on 2016-10-01

Zubair Ahmed

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